Saturday, January 28, 2012

New on the Blog!

If you were on Qix and Mox yesterday, you may have noticed some funky things going on. But, it's all figured out now and there is an exciting (at least Qix and I think so) new feature on the blog (you're supposed to call these things "features", right?). On the left hand sidebar is a little music thingymabob. It will only play if you hit the play button. Because don't you hate it when you're surfing the web late at night and you happen upon someone's blog and then music starts blaring seemingly out of nowhere and of course you can't find the play/pause button and it doesn't occur to you to just turn the volume down on the computer speakers and then your whole family is popping out of nowhere wondering what woke them up? So yeah. The song will only play if you choose to let it do so.
 If you want to know what the name of the song is, scroll your mouse over the music bar and it will give you the option to watch on YouTube.  

Also, each song will stay on the blog for a week. Then, at the end of four weeks, you can vote for your favorite song! There is no prize for whichever song gets the most votes, we're simply just curious about which ones you like best!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Baking Bread

Last Saturday, Qix and I made 15 loaves of bread! It took us allllllllll afternoon! We gave away 2 loaves, and now, a week later, there is only 1 loaf of bread left. Somehow, our family has manage to consume 12 loaves of bread in a week! I guess Qix and I will be having another bread baking day soon :).

Sadly, our photographer failed to take a picture of the baked product. :( Just imagine the yummyness that it was though!

Thursday, January 12, 2012


Qix: Dear Snow,
I would appreciate it if your delightfulness would stay longer than two days. Sincerely,

Mox: Dear Qix, 
I wish you'd make me hot chocolate every morning.  Also, the snow doesn't have to stay. It can melt if it wants to. Love, 
YFD (your fave dongsaeng)

Qix: Dear Mox,
Please do not lecture me on the stay of Snow. Thank you. Also, as long as you are willing to gain a few extra pounds by my hot chocolate, I will gladly do you the service! Yours Truly,
You are not my favorite dongsaeng. You shouldn't disillusion yourself into thinking so.

Mox: Dear Qix,
Who, may I ask, is your fave dongsaeng?? If not me, then I should think you don't have one. Also, I am not afraid of gaining a few extra pounds. That fear does not belong to me. 
NLYFD (no longer your fave dongsaeng)

Qix: Dear NLYFD,
I do not think it is for you to know who I treasure most in this world. I'm glad the afore mentioned fear does not plague you. Bye,
BSAYG (becoming skinnier as you gain)
You should hope that I don't accidentally eat you while you are still skinny. nom, nom, nom....
Mox: Dear Mara Unni,
I am sorry to inform you that I will be moving very shortly. Someone is threatening to take my life so I must move far away and live incognito. I believe I will move to Seoul and spend my days writing fanfiction about my favorite idol stars and I. Hoping for the best,

Note: Dongsaeng means younger sibling 
pic from here