Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Ji Magnet: "You sound like an old woman."
Jung-Sook: "Yah! You're supposed to say I've matured into an adult! Don't say I sound like an old woman!"

-Sweet 18

Monday, March 28, 2011

Blog Hopping

When blog hopping, I usually come across a site that reminds me of a particular sibling. Just though I'd share what I found with you...

Rachel once took to stamping her thumb with ink and then pressing her thumb to homemade cards, creating little birdies. The cards she turned out were unique and quite charming.  This isn't a thumb print, but I still think she's adorable. =) 

Can't you just picture Joshua and Seth living in this bedroom? "Ahoy, matey!"

Because Mom, Mara, and Rachel are in Paris, shouldn't they be dressing like one?!?!

Most everything in Mara's kitchen is blue and cream coloured, so I thought these darling hand-painted bowls would fit right in!

Havalah asked me if bunnies secretly spy on people....hmmmmm...I wonder, do they? 

Moxie has a notebook entitled "My Life In Lists." Crazily, I found a blog called "My Life. . .in To Do Lists." (unfortunately, the blog does not look very clean, hence no link to it....)

Moxie, (Keturah) Exie, (Esther) and Qixi (Naomi) have been also named the Three Little Pigs and so when I saw what the top page of this blog said, I went into a fit of giggles....(I was also quite sleepy at the time too, so if you do not find it entertaining, I quite understand).

Since it has been a dream of mine (Qixi) to become a giraffe tamer I might as well wake up every morning and have breakfast with them..........

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Havalah's Toast

One morning Havalah asked me for some toast. Like the angel I am, I gladly complied and popped some bread in the toaster. When I went to butter the toast, it was gone. Looking around the kitchen, I spied the culprit. Ian was munching on some hot toast. Havalah was upset, so I told Ian he had to toast some bread for her. Feeling guilty, Ian put some bread in the toaster. He left the kitchen and forgot about Havalah's toast. When he remembered, he went to the kitchen to retrieve the toast. But it wasn't in the toaster. It had just been thrust into Naomi's mouth and it was lathered with Nutella. Havalah burst into tears. So Naomi got a slice of bread, wedged it in the toaster and stood guard over it like a mother hen watching her chicks. The toaster popped and out came some hot toast. Naomi buttered it and handed it to Havalah, who gladly bit into her long-awaited toast.

The moral of this story? When you toast bread in our kitchen, you have to watch it closely or someone will eat it. 

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

An Exie Quote

Mara Unni very generously bought us three girls necklaces with a little Japanese girl hanging from the chain. They are way to adorable. :D Anyway, Qixi and I were talking about naming ours. I finally decided to name mine Mitsu and Qixi settled on Kira. So Exie decided to name hers as well. However, she was lamenting the fact that she didn't know any Japanese names. 
I said, "Just think a little and I'm sure you'll come up with some. You've read parts of Japanese manga, haven't you?"
She said, "Yes I have, but I can't remember any." Her face fell, but a couple minutes later it brightened. "I know one," she said, "Hong Kong!!!"

A morning run

Every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, Qixi, Exie, and I go running (erm-hmm, jogging) with our neighbor JoBeth. I really enjoy it! So, here's a little list of things I like about jogging.

  • It motivates me to get up early (we jog at 6:15 a.m.)
  • I feel refreshed afterwards
  • It's good for my muscles
  • I get more accomplished during the day (funny how getting up early does that to you :D)
  • I have fun talking to JoBeth and getting to know her better!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A different kind of week

These next few days will be rather different, because this morning, Mom and Mara Unni left for Paris. Dad drove them to Chicago where they met Rachel and they all boarded a plane for Montreal. From Montreal, they'll be flying directly into Paris! This is the first time Mom has traveled out of the country, so it's a fun and exciting new experience! Qixi and I are running the house, so we'll be having a bit of an adventure as well. Today went smoothly, so I was very happy about that. Qixi and I had classes in the morning and mid-afternoon. When we got home, our siblings had already finished their school, so we cleaned a bit and played outside because it was so nice today. Then we had supper, prepared by Qixi (a yummy pot roast with mashed potatoes and steamed carrots), and spent an enjoyable evening. Exie and I even watched two episodes of a Korean drama Mara Unni is lending us!

Here are some pictures of Paris in black and white!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Where has time gone? It seems to have flown by, and I hardly know where to start. I guess I should begin with where I left off (which was quite awhile ago). For Mara's birthday, we went to New Harmony, which is a little town in southern Indiana, and spent the weekend there. We strolled through antique stores, drank coffee, watched kdrama late at night in our little cabin, and took walks in the state park. It was a lot of fun!